Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2511
Label: Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures
Synonyms: Aluminium structures for buildings mfr , Aluminium structures for civil engineering mfr , Bus shelters made of metal mfr , Chimneys made of steel mfr , Column (fabricated structural steelworks) mfr , Construction site huts of metal mfr , Fabricated structural steelwork (for buildings) mfr , Glasshouse with metal frame mfr , Greenhouse with metal frame mfr , Industrial ossature in metal mfr , Lock gates made of steel mfr , Mast metal mfr , Metal frameworks for blast furnaces mfr , Metal frameworks for construction of bridges mfr , Metal frameworks for construction of masts mfr , Metal frameworks for construction of towers mfr , Metal frameworks for lifting and handling equipment mfr , Metal frameworks or skeleton for construction mfr , Metal greenhouse mfr , Metal skeletons for bridges mfr , Metal skeletons for masts mfr , Metal skeletons for towers mfr , Metal structures and parts of structures mfr , Modular exhibition elements of metal mfr , Monopod tower (of steel plate) mfr , Piling (tubular welded) mfr , Pipeline supports mfr , Plant support of fabricated steelwork mfr , Portable building metalwork mfr , Power structural steelwork mfr , Prefabricated building metalwork mfr , Prefabricated buildings of metal mfr , Racking systems for large scale heavy duty use in shops, workshops and warehouses mfr , Radio and television masts made of metal mfr , Roof trusses made of metal mfr , Scaffolding mfr , Security screens made of metal mfr , Sheds made of metal mfr , Site huts made of metal mfr , Sluice gates made of steel mfr , Static drilling derricks mfr , Steelwork for agricultural buildings mfr , Steelwork for bridges mfr , Steelwork for buildings mfr , Steelwork for commercial buildings mfr , Steelwork for distribution depots mfr , Steelwork for docks mfr , Steelwork for domestic buildings mfr , Steelwork for exhibition centres mfr , Steelwork for factory buildings mfr , Steelwork for harbours mfr , Steelwork for hospital buildings mfr , Steelwork for jetties mfr , Steelwork for school buildings mfr , Steelwork for tunnels mfr , Steelwork for viaducts mfr , Structural steelwork (for buildings) mfr , Telephone booths made of metal mfr , Tower made of steel mfr , Trusses made of metal mfr , Water tower made of steel plate mfr , Flooring systems made of metal mfr , Metal shed mfr , Ossature in metal for construction mfr , Shuttering made of steel mfr , Steelwork for glass roofs mfr ,