Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2451
Label: Casting of iron
Synonyms: Casting of ferrous metal mfr , Casting of grey iron mfr , Casting of iron mfr , Casting of malleable cast-iron products mfr , Casting of semi-finished iron products mfr , Ferrous metal foundry mfr , Fittings for tubes made of cast iron mfr , Fittings for tubes made of cast steel mfr , Hollow profiles of cast-iron mfr , Iron foundry , Malleable casting mfr , Pattern casting (ferrous) mfr , Pipe fittings of cast-iron mfr , Pipes of cast-iron mfr , Tube or pipe fittings of cast-iron mfr , Tubes made of centrifugally cast steel mfr , Tubes, pipes and hollow profiles mfr , Casting of spheroidal graphite iron mfr ,