Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2399
Label: Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.
Synonyms: Artificial corundum mfr , Asbestos boiler packing mfr , Asbestos brake lining mfr , Asbestos carded fibre mfr , Asbestos carding mfr , Asbestos cloth mfr , Asbestos clutch lining mfr , Asbestos engine packing mfr , Asbestos felting mfr , Asbestos glove mfr , Asbestos insulation mfr , Asbestos mixing mfr , Asbestos moulding mfr , Asbestos packing (woven) mfr , Asbestos sheet and sheeting (woven) mfr , Asbestos sock mfr , Asbestos spinning mfr , Asbestos tiles (woven) mfr , Asbestos weaving mfr , Asphalt mfr , Bituminous and flax felts (for roofing and dam proof courses) mfr , Bituminous sealants mfr , Carbon fibre (not carbon copying paper or electrical carbon) mfr , Carded asbestos fibre mfr , Clothing made of asbestos mfr , Coal tar pitch mfr , Coated roadstone mfr , Coated tarmacadam mfr , Composition asbestos mfr , Cord made of asbestos mfr , Exfoliated vermiculite mfr , Expanded clay mfr , Expanded vermiculite mfr , Fabric made of asbestos mfr , Felt bituminous and flax for roofing and damp proof courses mfr , Felt made of asbestos mfr , Flint grit mfr , Foamed slag mfr , Footwear made of asbestos mfr , Friction material made of non-metallic mineral mfr , Graphite fibre (not carbon copying paper or electrical carbon) mfr , Graphite mfr , Graphite products (not carbon copying paper or electrical carbon) mfr , Headgear made of asbestos mfr , Heat-insulating materials mfr , Joints made of asbestos mfr , Lagging rope made of asbestos mfr , Mica goods mfr , Mica slab and sheet processing mfr , Millboard asbestos mfr , Mineral insulating materials mfr , Mineral insulation product mfr , Mineral wool mfr , Moss litter mfr , Oil based sealants mfr , Panels made of asbestos mfr , Paper made of asbestos mfr , Paste made of asbestos mfr , Peat products (e.g. briquettes pots or for chemical use) mfr , Pipe covering sections made of asbestos mfr , Processed asbestos fibre mfr , Rings made of asbestos mfr , Road metal (crushed and processed) mfr , Roadstone coated mfr , Rock wool mfr , Rope lagging made of asbestos mfr , Sealants bituminous mfr , Sealants oil based mfr , Sheeting made of non-woven asbestos/rubber composite mfr , Sheets and sheeting made of woven asbestos mfr , Slag wool mfr , Sound absorbing materials mfr , String made of asbestos mfr , Tar macadam coated mfr , Tar macadam production plant , Yarn made of asbestos mfr , Asbestos board mfr , Asbestos gasket mfr , Asbestos tape mfr , Carbon products mfr (not carbon copying paper or electrical carbon) , Graphite products (other than block and crucible) mfr , Pipes and fittings made of pitch fibre mfr , Sound-insulating materials mfr , Peat briquettes mfr ,