Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2391
Label: Production of abrasive products
Synonyms: Abrasive bonded disc, wheel and segment mfr , Abrasive cloth mfr , Abrasive grain mfr , Abrasive grain of aluminium oxide mfr , Abrasive grain of artificial corundum mfr , Abrasive grain of boron carbide mfr , Abrasive paper mfr , Abrasive wheel (bonded) mfr , Agglomerated abrasives mfr , Bonded abrasives mfr , Coated abrasives mfr , Diamond impregnated disc and wheel mfr , Emery cloth mfr , Emery paper mfr , Emery wheel mfr , Flint cloth mfr , Flint paper mfr , Garnet abrasives mfr , Glass paper mfr , Grinding paste mfr , Grindstones made of bonded abrasives mfr , Hones (bonded) mfr , Millstone and grindstone cutting mfr , Millstones made of bonded abrasives mfr , Organic bonded abrasives mfr , Polishing stones made of bonded abrasives mfr , Pumice stones (bonded) mfr , Sandpaper mfr , Segment bonded abrasive mfr , Sharpening stones made of bonded abrasives mfr , Stones for sharpening or polishing mfr , Vitrified bonded abrasives mfr , Abrasive grain of silicon carbide mfr , Discs made of bonded abrasives mfr , Oilstones (bonded) mfr ,