Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2320
Label: Manufacture of refractory products
Synonyms: Bauxite brick mfr , Blocks made of graphite mfr , Boiler block mfr , Bricks and blocks made of refractory ceramic mfr , Bricks made for refractory insulating mfr , Bricks made of alumina mfr , Bricks made of bauxite mfr , Bricks made of chrome mfr , Bricks made of chromite mfr , Bricks made of dolomite mfr , Bricks made of gannister mfr , Bricks made of high alumina mfr , Bricks made of magnesite chrome mfr , Bricks made of magnesite mfr , Bricks made of refractory mfr , Bricks made of silica mfr , Bricks made of siliceous mfr , Bricks made of sillimanite mfr , Casting pot mfr , Cement made of dolomite mfr , Cement made of fireclay mfr , Cement made of high alumina mfr , Cement made of silica and siliceous mfr , Cement refractory jointing mfr , Cement refractory mfr , Ceramic goods refractory mfr , China clay ground mfr , Chromate brick mfr , Chrome brick mfr , Chrome magnesite shape mfr , Concrete refractory mfr , Crucibles made of fireclay mfr , Crucibles made of fireclay or graphite mfr , Crucibles made of plumbago mfr , Crucibles made of refractory ceramic mfr , Dolomite brick mfr , Dolomite cement mfr , Fireclay cement mfr , Fireclay crucible mfr , Fireclay made of retort silica and siliceous mfr , Furnace block and pot mfr , Ganister brick mfr , Gas mantle ring and rod mfr , Gas retort and kiln lining mfr , Graphite block mfr , Graphite crucible mfr , Heat-insulating ceramic goods of siliceous fossil meals mfr , High alumina brick mfr , High alumina cement mfr , Hollow ware made of refractory mfr , Kiln furniture mfr , Kiln lining mfr , Magnesite brick and moulding mfr , Magnesite brick mfr , Magnesite chrome shape mfr , Mortars made of refractory mfr , Mouldable refractory mfr , Mouldings made of magnesite mfr , Moulds made of silica mfr , Muffle (refractory product) mfr , Nozzles made of refractory ceramic mfr , Pillars made of ceramic mfr , Pipes made of refractory ceramic mfr , Props made of ceramic mfr , Radiant for gas and electric fire mfr , Ramming material made of refractory mfr , Refractory articles containing magnesite, dolomite or chromite mfr , Refractory blocks mfr , Refractory castable mfr , Refractory cement mfr , Refractory ceramic goods mfr , Refractory concretes mfr , Refractory goods mfr , Refractory hollow ware mfr , Refractory jointing cement mfr , Refractory mouldable mfr , Refractory ramming material mfr , Refractory tiles mfr , Retorts made of fireclay, silica and siliceous mfr , Retorts made of graphite mfr , Retorts made of refractory ceramic mfr , Sillimanite brick mfr , Steel moulders composition mfr , Stilt ceramic mfr , Stilts made of ceramic mfr , Tubes made of refractory ceramic mfr , Tubes refractory ceramic mfr , Bricks and mouldings made of magnesite mfr , Castable refractory mfr , Chromate articles mfr , Firebrick and shape mfr , Graphite retort mfr , Magnesite chrome brick mfr , Plumbago crucible mfr , Saggar mfr , Tunnel oven refractory mfr ,