Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2313
Label: Manufacture of hollow glass
Synonyms: Bottle stoppers made of glass mfr , Bottles made of glass or crystal mfr , Bulbs for vacuum flask inners mfr , Containers made of glass or crystal mfr , Containers made of tubular glass mfr , Culinary glassware mfr , Domestic glassware mfr , Drinking glass mfr , Glass bottle mfr , Glass bottle stopper mfr , Glass carboy mfr , Glass container mfr , Glass hollow mfr , Glass jar mfr , Glass ovenware mfr , Glass pot mfr , Glass siphon mfr , Glass stopper mfr , Glass tableware mfr , Glassware domestic mfr , Glassware for heat resisting cooking purposes mfr , Heat resisting glassware for cooking purposes mfr , Kitchenware made of glass mfr , Lead crystal tableware mfr , Stemmed drinking vessels made of glass mfr , Tubular glass container mfr , Tumbler glass mfr , Vacuum flask inners mfr , Vases made of glassware mfr , Vial mfr , Waste glass resulting from glass container production mfr , Crystal articles mfr , Glass inners for vacuum flasks and other vacuum vessels mfr , Ornaments made of glass mfr ,