Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2221
Label: Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles
Synonyms: Carpet underlay made of plastic mfr , Cellophane film mfr , Cellophane sheet mfr , Conveyor belts made of plastic mfr , Decorative polyvinyl chloride film and sheet (unsupported) mfr , Drainpipes made of plastic mfr , Laminate (wholly of plastic and/or transparent regenerated cellulose film) mfr , Laminate plastic mfr , Laminated plastic film mfr , Photographic film unsensitised mfr , Pipes and fittings made of plastic mfr , Plastic belting mfr , Plastic blocks mfr , Plastic film mfr , Plastic flexible foam mfr , Plastic foil mfr , Plastic hose and pipefittings mfr , Plastic hoses mfr , Plastic laminate mfr , Plastic plate mfr , Plastic rigid foam mfr , Plastic semi-manufactures , Plastic strip mfr , Plastic tube mfr , Plastic tubing mfr , Polyethylene film mfr , Polyethylene sheet mfr , Polypropylene film mfr , Polypropylene sheet mfr , Polythene film mfr , Polyvinyl chloride sheet mfr , Profile shapes of plastics materials (rods tubes etc) mfr , Vulcanised fibre mfr , Laminated thermosetting plastic sheet mfr , Plastic sheet mfr , Polyvinyl chloride film mfr ,