Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2219
Label: Manufacture of other rubber products
Synonyms: Adhesive repair material made of rubber mfr , Apparel made of sealed rubber mfr , Armoured hose made of rubber or plastic mfr , Balata belting mfr , Balata goods (not belting) mfr , Bands made of elastic mfr , Belting for domestic appliances made of rubber mfr , Belting made of rubber mfr , Buckets made of rubberised fabric mfr , Carpet underlay made of rubber mfr , Combs of hard rubber mfr , Delivery hose (rubber) mfr , Domestic appliance belting made of rubber mfr , Ebonite vulcanite or hard rubber goods mfr , Elastic band mfr , Elevator belting made of rubber mfr , Garden hose made of rubber mfr , Gloves and gauntlets of unstitched rubber mfr , Golf ball core made of rubber mfr , Gutta percha goods mfr , Hard rubber combs mfr , Hard rubber hair pins mfr , Hard rubber hair rollers mfr , Hard rubber pipe stems mfr , Heel and sole made of rubber mfr , Hydraulic hose made of rubber mfr , Industrial belting made of rubber mfr , Inflatable balloons made of rubber mfr , Inflatable rubber cushion mfr , Latex foam mfr , Motor vehicle fan belt mfr , Motor vehicle timing belt mfr , Moulded rubber bottoms for footwear mfr , Mouldings for upholstery made of rubber mfr , Puncture repair outfit mfr , Reinforced hose made of rubber mfr , Roller cover made of rubber mfr , Rubber aprons mfr , Rubber articles of apparel mfr (if only together, not sewn) , Rubber ball core mfr , Rubber balloon (excluding pilot and sounding balloons) mfr , Rubber band mfr , Rubber bathing caps mfr , Rubber bellows mfr , Rubber belting mfr , Rubber bootee mfr , Rubber brushes mfr , Rubber cellular product mfr , Rubber compound mfr , Rubber cushioning for upholstery mfr , Rubber diving suit mfr , Rubber eraser mfr , Rubber expansion joint mfr , Rubber felting mfr , Rubber fittings mfr , Rubber floor coverings mfr , Rubber flooring mfr , Rubber fluid seal mfr , Rubber football bladder mfr , Rubber galosh mfr , Rubber groundsheet mfr , Rubber heel and sole mfr , Rubber hose mfr , Rubber hygienic articles mfr , Rubber insulating material mfr , Rubber lifebelt mfr , Rubber lifejacket mfr , Rubber mat mfr , Rubber overshoe mfr , Rubber pipes mfr , Rubber plate's (semi-manufactures) mfr , Rubber printers' blanket mfr , Rubber products (semi-finished) mfr , Rubber products mfr , Rubber profile shapes mfr , Rubber repair materials mfr , Rubber ring and washer mfr , Rubber rings mfr , Rubber rods mfr , Rubber roller coverings mfr , Rubber rope mfr , Rubber seals mfr , Rubber sex articles mfr , Rubber sheath contraceptives mfr , Rubber sheeting (piece goods unsupported) mfr , Rubber sole and other rubber parts of footwear mfr , Rubber sponge mfr , Rubber thread uncovered mfr , Rubber tiling mfr , Rubber tubing mfr , Rubber unvulcanised, vulcanised or hardened mfr , Rubberised adhesive textile tape mfr , Rubberised bucket mfr , Rubberised hair mfr , Rubberised textile fabric mfr , Strip rubber mfr , Suction and discharge hose made of rubber mfr , Teats made of rubber mfr , Tennis ball core made of rubber mfr , Textiles rubberised mfr , Thread uncovered made of rubber mfr , Tiling made of rubber mfr , Transmission belting made of rubber mfr , Tubes made of rubber mfr , Tyre repair materials and kit mfr , Underwater swimming suit made of rubber mfr , Unstitched glove and gauntlet made of rubber mfr , Unsupported rubber sheeting piece goods mfr , Washer made of rubber mfr , Wet suits and diving suits made of rubber mfr , Yarn rubberised mfr , Grout packers made of rubber mfr , Inflatable rubber mattress mfr , Insulating tape (cloth) mfr , Rubber ball (uncovered) mfr , Rubber conveyor belts mfr , Rubber foam mfr , Rubber hot water bottle mfr , Rubber protective footwear mfr , Rubber sheets mfr , Rubberised fabrics mfr , Timing belt for motor vehicle made of rubber mfr ,