Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2110
Label: Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products
Synonyms: Antibiotics mfr , Basic vitamins mfr , Blood processing , Chemically pure sugars mfr , Cyclamates mfr , Fatty amines and quaternary ammonium salts mfr , Glands and extracts of glands processing , Hormone (not plant hormone) mfr , Lactones (other than coumarin methylcoumarins and ethylcoumarins) mfr , Medicinal active substances mfr , Medicinal feed additives mfr (veterinary) , Microbiological cultures, toxins, etc. mfr , Mineral and pharmaceutical nutritional ingredients for food and feeding stuffs mfr , O-acetylsalicylic acids mfr , Pharmaceutical chemicals mfr , Provitamins, vitamins and their derivatives mfr , Quaternary ammonium salts and fatty amines mfr , Salicylic and O-acetylsalicylic acids mfr , Sulphonamides mfr , Veterinary (medicinal) feed additives mfr , Veterinary biologicals mfr , Salines mfr ,