Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2015
Label: Manufacture of fertilisers and nitrogen compounds
Synonyms: Ammonia mfr , Ammonium carbonate mfr , Ammonium compounds mfr (excluding ammonium nitrate, sulphate and phosphate) , Ammonium nitrate mfr (not for explosives) , Ammonium phosphate mfr , Ammonium sulphate mfr , Artificial manure mfr , Basic slag (ground) mfr , Compound fertiliser mfr , Crude natural phosphates , Crude natural potassium salts , Lawn sand mfr , Lime (ammonium nitrate) mfr , Nitric and sulphonitric acid mfr , Nitrites and nitrates of potassium mfr , Nitrogen products mfr , Nitrogenous phosphatic or potassic fertilisers' mfr , Nitrogenous straight fertiliser mfr , Phosphates of triammonium carbonates mfr , Phosphatic straight fertiliser mfr , Potassic straight fertiliser mfr , Potassium salts mfr , Potting soil mixtures of natural soil, sand, clays and minerals mfr , Potting soil with peat as main constituent mfr , Superphosphate mfr , Urea (for use as a fertiliser) mfr , Ammonium chloride mfr , Fertiliser mfr , Phosphates of ammonium carbonates mfr ,