Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2014
Label: Manufacture of other organic basic chemicals
Synonyms: Acetic acid mfr , Acetone mfr , Acid (organic) mfr , Acrylonitrile mfr , Activated and unactivated charcoal mfr (other than wood charcoal) , Activated earths mfr , Acyclic (fatty) alcohols mfr , Acyclic and cyclic alcohols , Alcohol (synthetic) mfr , Aldehyde mfr , Amines mfr , Anthracene mfr , Aromatic hydrocarbons mfr , Benzene mfr , Butadiene mfr , Carboxylic acid mfr , Charcoal activated and unactivated (other than wood charcoal) mfr , Charcoal burning mfr , Citric acid mfr , Coal tar distillation mfr , Coal tar naphtha mfr , Creosote mfr , Cresylic acid mfr , Cumene mfr , Cyclic alcohols mfr , Cyclic hydrocarbons saturated and unsaturated mfr , Cyclohexane mfr , Denatured ethyl alcohol mfr , Diethyl phenylamine diamine sulphate (chlorine tablets) mfr , Dual or poly oxygen function compounds mfr , Enzymes and other organic compounds mfr , Epoxides mfr , Esters (but not polyesters) mfr , Esters of methacrylic acid mfr , Ethane diol (excluding anti freeze mixtures) mfr , Ethanol (synthetic) mfr , Ethyl alcohol (obtained by fermentation) mfr , Ethylene glycol (excluding anti freeze mixtures) mfr , Fat splitting and distilling , Fatty acid mfr , Fermentation of sugarcane, corn or similar to produce alcohol and esters , Formaldehyde mfr , Halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbon mfr , Heterocyclic compounds mfr , Hydrocarbons (sulphanated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives) mfr , Ketones mfr , Lactones (coumarin, methylcoumarins and ethylcoumarins) mfr , Melamine mfr , Methanol mfr , Methylated spirits mfr , Mono and polycarboxyclic acids including acetic acid mfr , Naphthalene mfr , Nitrogen-function organic compounds including amine mfr , Oleic acid mfr , Organic acid their esters (halogenated, nitrosated and sulphonated derivatives) mfr , Organic basic chemicals mfr , Organic chemical pesticide (excluding formulated preparations) mfr , Organic compounds including wood distillation products mfr , Organo-sulphur compounds mfr , Oxirane (ethylene oxide) mfr , Oxygen-function compounds dual or poly mfr , Oxygen-function compounds including aldehydes mfr , Peracetic acid mfr , Perchloroethylene mfr , Phenol mfr , Phthalic anhydride mfr , Piezo-electric quartz mfr , Propylene mfr , Propylene oxide mfr , Pyridine base mfr , Quinones mfr , Refined coal tar mfr , Rosin size mfr , Saccharin tablet mfr , Spirit of turpentine mfr , Stearic acid mfr , Styrene mfr , Synthetic alcohol mfr , Synthetic aromatic products mfr , Synthetic ethyl alcohol mfr , Synthetic glycerol mfr , Synthetic or reconstructed precious or semi-precious stones mfr , Tar acids mfr , Tetrachloroethylene mfr , Urea (not for use as a fertiliser) mfr , Vinyl acetate mfr , Wood tar chemical mfr , Xylene mfr , Acyclic hydrocarbons saturated and unsaturated mfr , Coal tar refined mfr , Earths activated mfr , Ethylene mfr , Hydrocarbons (not fuels) mfr , Oleine mfr , Pesticide organic chemicals (excluding formulated preparations) mfr , Toluene mfr ,