Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2013
Label: Manufacture of other inorganic basic chemicals
Synonyms: Acid (inorganic) mfr , Aluminium compounds mfr (excluding bauxite and abrasives) , Alums mfr , Black carbon mfr , Bromine and bromides mfr , Calcium and calcium compounds mfr , Calcium carbide mfr , Carbon mfr , Chemical elements (except industrial gases and basic metals) mfr , Chlorine and chlorides mfr , Chromium compounds (excluding prepared pigments) mfr , Decolouring or other activating carbon (except wood charcoal) mfr , Distilled water mfr , Enriched thorium mfr , Enriched uranium mfr , Fluorine, hydrofluoric acid and fluorides mfr , Fuel elements for nuclear reactors mfr , Halogen and halides mfr (inorganic) , Hydrochloric acid mfr , Hydrogen peroxide mfr , Hydrosulphite mfr , Inorganic acids (except nitric acid) mfr , Inorganic chemical mfr , Inorganic chemical pesticide (excluding formulated preparations) mfr , Iodine and iodides mfr , Iron pyrites roasting , Lyes mfr , Nuclear fuel reprocessing , Other inorganic compounds mfr , Oxygen compounds of non-metals mfr (excluding carbon dioxide) , Phosphorous compounds (excluding phosphatic fertiliser) mfr , Plutonium processing mfr , Radioactive compounds production mfr , Radioactive isotopes (other than of uranium thorium or plutonium) mfr , Radioactive isotopes of uranium, thorium and plutonium mfr , Sodium and sodium compounds mfr , Spent nuclear fuel re-processing , Sulphur mfr , Sulphuric acid mfr , White lead (not in paste form) mfr , Alkali mfr , Carbon disulphide mfr , Flocculating agents (chemical) mfr , Inorganic bases mfr , Peroxides (inorganic) mfr , Uranium (enriched) mfr ,