Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2012
Label: Manufacture of dyes and pigments
Synonyms: Acid dye mfr , Alzarine dye mfr , Aniline dye mfr , Azoic dye mfr , Chromium pigment mfr , Colours for food and cosmetics mfr , Colours in dry liquid or paste form mfr , Crushed pigment colours mfr , Direct dye mfr , Disperse dye mfr , Dye mfr , Dyes (for food drink and cosmetics) mfr , Dyes and pigments from any source in basic form or as concentrate mfr , Dyes modified for dyeing acrylic fibres mfr , Fluorescent brightening agent mfr , Jewellers' rouge mfr , Lake (pigment) mfr , Lake colour mfr , Laundry blue mfr , Manganese oxide mfr , Mineral colours mfr , Mordant dye mfr , Ochre's (pigments) mfr , Optical bleaching agent mfr , Solvent dye mfr , Sulphur dye mfr , Synthetic iron oxide mfr , Synthetic organic pigment mfr , Tanning agents mfr (synthetic) , Titanium dioxide mfr , Toner (pigment) mfr , Vat dye mfr , Vegetable tanning and dyeing extracts mfr , Zinc oxide mfr , Basic dye mfr , Luminophores mfr , Synthetic dyestuffs mfr ,