Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 1910
Label: Manufacture of coke oven products
Synonyms: Agglomeration of coke mfr , Ammoniacal liquor (from coke oven) mfr , Ammonium sulphate mfr (from coke ovens) , Coal carbonisation mfr , Coal tar crude (from coke ovens) mfr , Coke and semi-coke production of , Coke foundry , Coke oven products mfr , Coke production , Crude benzole (from coke ovens) , Crude coal tar production , Foundry coke mfr , Gas coke oven mfr , Hard coke breeze mfr , Hard coke mfr , Lignite tars production , Metallurgical coke mfr , Operation of coke ovens , Pitch and pitch coke production , Solid fuel low temperature carbonisation (not ovoids or briquettes) mfr , Sulphate of ammonia (from coke ovens) mfr , Crude coal tar (from coke ovens) mfr ,