Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 1729
Label: Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard
Synonyms: Articles of paper and paperboard n.e.c. mfr , Blind paper mfr , Bobbin paper and paperboard mfr , Bon bon (paper) mfr , Cardboard tube (not packaging) mfr , Christmas cracker mfr , Christmas decorations made of paper mfr , Cigarette paper in booklets mfr , Cigarette tube mfr , Cop paper mfr , Cop tube mfr , Cylinder of hardened paper mfr , Discs made of cardboard mfr , Egg box paper mfr , Egg-trays and other moulded pulp packaging products mfr , Filter paper and paperboard cut to size mfr , Flexible packaging paper mfr , Hats made of paper mfr , Label paper mfr , Mount cutting , Mounting paper on linen , Paper and paperboard bobbins, spools and cops mfr , Paper blind mfr , Paper bobbin mfr , Paper converting (unspecified) , Paper creping , Paper embossing , Paper for use in Jacquard machine mfr , Paper gummed label mfr , Paper label mfr , Paper novelties mfr , Paper pattern mfr , Paper perforating , Paper shavings mfr , Paper transfer (e.g. for embroidery) mfr , Papier mache works , Pattern card mfr , Photograph mount mfr , Picture frame mount mfr , Pleated paper mfr , Spools paper mfr , Tabulating machine card mfr , Ticket cutting and punching mfr , Tube fittings made of paper mfr , Wood pulp vessel mfr , Wrapping paper cut packed ready to use in sheets or rolls mfr , Cardboard disc mfr , Confetti paper mfr , Gummed paper label mfr , Paper cut to size (not packaging products) mfr , Stamp hinge mfr ,