Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 1722
Label: Manufacture of household and sanitary goods and of toilet requisites
Synonyms: Baby napkins (disposable) paper or cellulose wadding mfr , Beaker paper mfr , Bed linen (disposable) paper or cellulose wadding mfr , Cellulose wadding products mfr , Cleansing tissues mfr , Household and personal hygiene paper mfr , Household paper (uncut) mfr , Hygienic paper (uncut) mfr , Kitchen paper cloth mfr , Kitchen paper towel mfr , Paper beaker mfr , Paper cups mfr , Paper dishes mfr , Paper doilies mfr , Paper handkerchief mfr , Paper lace mfr , Paper napkins mfr , Paper plate mfr , Paper pot mfr , Paper serviette mfr , Paper towel mfr , Paper underwear mfr , Sanitary towel paper mfr , Sanitary towels of textile wadding mfr , Tampons of paper and cellulose wadding mfr , Tampons of textile wadding mfr , Textile wadding and articles of wadding mfr , Tissue paper (uncut) mfr , Toilet paper mfr (uncut) , Towel paper mfr , Trays paper mfr , Cake board mfr , Napkin liners for babies' mfr , Paper tablecloth mfr , Toilet paper mfr (cut to size) ,