Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 1712
Label: Manufacture of paper and paperboard
Synonyms: Abrasive base paper mfr , Bank note paper mfr , Base paper (for printing and writing) mfr , Bible paper mfr , Bituminised building board mfr , Blotting paper mfr , Boot and shoe board mfr , Building boards made of paper mfr , Carbon paper in large sheets mfr , Carbon paper in rolls mfr , Carbonising base paper mfr , Cardboard mfr , Case making materials mfr , Cellulose fibre webs mfr , Cellulose wadding mfr , Creped paper mfr , Crinkled paper mfr , Drawing paper mfr , Electrical paper mfr , Fancy paper mfr , Felt board (including felt paper) mfr , Filter paper stock mfr , Flong paperboard mfr , Fluting paper mfr , Glassine paper mfr , Greaseproof paper mfr , Grey board mfr , Industrial paper mfr , Kraft wrapping and packaging paper mfr , Laminates and foils, if laminated with paper or paperboard mfr , Magazine paper mfr , Mill board mfr , Multilayer paper obtained by compression mfr , Newsprint mfr , Packing cardboard mfr , Paper (not sensitised) mfr , Paper and paperboard coating covering and impregnation mfr , Paper and paperboard intended for further industrial processing mfr , Paper building board mfr , Parchment and imitation parchment paper mfr , Photographic base paper mfr , Pressboard mfr , Presspahn mfr , Punched card and punched paper tape stock mfr , Sack kraft paper mfr , Saturated and impregnated base paper mfr , Security paper mfr , Special purpose paper mfr , Stencil base paper mfr , Stencil paper in rolls or large sheets mfr , Strawboard mfr , Sulphite wrapping paper mfr , Tracing paper mfr , Waterproof paper mfr , Webs of cellulose fibres mfr , Wrapping and packaging paper (including coated) mfr , Writing paper mfr , Bristol board mfr , Cigarette paper (uncut in rolls) mfr , Hand made paper mfr , Packing paper mfr , Printing paper mfr , Straw paper mfr ,