Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 1396
Label: Manufacture of other technical and industrial textiles
Synonyms: Artists' tracing cloth mfr , Automotive trimming mfr , Badges mfr , Banding (woven) mfr , Bolting cloth mfr , Braid (textile material) mfr , Buckram mfr , Canvas prepared for use by painters mfr , Coach trimming mfr , Elastic and electrometric fabric mfr , Elastic braid mfr , Elastic cord mfr , Elastic fabric (not more than 30cm wide) mfr , Elastic or electrometric fabric (more than 30cm wide) knitted or netted mfr , Electrometric braid mfr , Electrometric cord mfr , Fabrics coated with gum mfr , Fabrics impregnated coated, covered or laminated with plastics mfr , Filter cloth weaving mfr , Gas mantles and tubular gas mantle fabric mfr , Gimp mfr , Haberdashery (narrow fabrics) mfr , Hat bands mfr , Hose piping made of textiles mfr , Incandescent mantle mfr , Labels made of textiles mfr , Labels made of woven fabric mfr , Labels mfr , Ladder tape (textile material) mfr , Leather cloth mfr , Lighter wicks mfr , Linen buckram weaving , Metallised yarn mfr , Narrow fabric (not elastic or electrometric) mfr , Nitro cellulose coated textile fabric mfr , Non-elastic and non-electrometric tape (textile material) mfr , Non-elastic braid mfr , Ornamental trimmings mfr , Petersham ribbon mfr , Polyurethane coated textile fabric mfr , Polyvinyl chloride leather cloth mfr , Pyjama cord mfr , Ribbon made of textile mfr , Rubber thread or cord covered with textile material mfr , Stiffened textile fabrics mfr , Straining cloth mfr , Tape, non-elastic and non-electrometric (textile material) mfr , Textile hose piping mfr , Textile label mfr , Textile wicks mfr , Textile yarn impregnated coated or sheathed with rubber or plastic mfr , Tracing cloth weaving , Transmission or conveyor belts or belting textiles mfr , Tufted fabric (other than household textile) mfr , Tyre cord fabric of high-tenacity man-made yarn mfr , Tyre fabric (woven from yarn spun on the cotton system) mfr , Wadding (from yarn spun on the cotton system) mfr , Woven belting mfr , Woven conveyor belting mfr , Woven label mfr , Woven machinery belting mfr , Woven trimming mfr , Artists' canvases mfr , Curtain loop mfr , Electrometric fabric (not more than 30cm wide) mfr , Metallised gimped yarn mfr , Pompons mfr , Tassel mfr (textile material) , Webbing weaving ,