Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 1394
Label: Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting
Synonyms: Agricultural twine mfr , Baler twine mfr , Binder twine mfr , Cable (textile materials) mfr , Cargo sling mfr , Combination rope mfr , Cordage (textile material) mfr , Cotton rope mfr , Fishing line mfr , Fishing net mfr , Garden and horticultural net mfr , Garden net mfr , Hammock mfr , Hemp rope, cord or line mfr , Horticultural net (textile) mfr , Jute rope, cord or line mfr , Knotted netting of twine cordage or rope mfr , Line yarn of hard fibre mfr , Manila rope, cord or line mfr , Man-made fibre, rope, cord or line mfr , Net for sports mfr , Netting products mfr , Reaper twine mfr , Rope and cables of textile fibres mfr , Rope or cable fitted with metal rings mfr , Rope products mfr , Rope walk , Sash line mfr , Sheep net mfr , Ships' fenders mfr , Sisal rope, cord or line mfr , Sports net mfr , String mfr , Tow yarn of hard fibres mfr , Towing rope mfr , Twine mfr , Unloading cushions mfr , Window cord mfr , Bag string mfr , Fibre core for wire rope mfr , Loading slings mfr , Rope sling mfr , Textile material cordage mfr ,