Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 1091
Label: Manufacture of prepared feeds for farm animals
Synonyms: Alfalfa (lucerne) meal and pellets mfr , Animal and cattle feed stuffs (excl. grain offal's/oilseed cakes and meals) mfr , Animal compound feed mfr , Animal feed concentrated mfr , Animal feed protein mfr (synthetic) , Animal feed supplement mfr , Animal feed synthetic protein mfr , Animal feed unmixed (single) for farm animals' mfr , Animal feeds for farm animals (prepared) mfr , Compound animal feed mfr , Dairy concentrate (animal feed) mfr , Dehydrating potatoes for animal feeding , Feeds prepared for farm animals mfr , Molasses feeding stuff (containing more than 30% molasses) mfr , Poultry grit mfr , Protein concentrates (animal food) mfr , Synthetic animal feed protein mfr , Treatment of slaughter waste to produce farm animal feeds mfr , Chicken food , Single feeds, unmixed, for farm animals' mfr ,