Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 1072
Label: Manufacture of rusks and biscuits; manufacture of preserved pastry goods and cakes
Synonyms: Biscuit making mfr , Cakes preserved mfr , Cereal (sausage filler) mfr , Cracker mfr , Crispbread making mfr , Dry bakery products mfr , Matzos making , Oat cake mfr , Pie (preserved) other than preserved meat mfr , Preserved pastry (including buns) making , Pretzel mfr , Rusk making , Salted crackers mfr , Sausage filler made of cereal mfr , Snack products puffed/extruded from farinaceous or proteinaceous material mfr , Snack products whether sweet or salted mfr , Cookie mfr , Pikelet making , Wafer biscuit making ,