Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 1039
Label: Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
Synonyms: Banana ripening and conditioning mfr , Bottling of fruit and vegetables , Canning of fruit and vegetables , Coconut flakes including desiccated but (not sugared) mfr , Dehydrating fruit for human consumption mfr , Dehydrating of vegetables for human consumption mfr , Dried fruit (except field dried) mfr , Dried fruit cleaning , Dried vegetable (except field dried) mfr , Flaked coconut including desiccated but (not sugared) mfr , Fruit jelly (preserve) mfr , Fruit pickling , Fruit preserving , Fruit pulp mfr , Fruit syrup mfr , Fruit, nuts or vegetables preserved by immersing in oil mfr , Fruit, nuts or vegetables preserved by immersing in vinegar mfr , Gherkin pickling , Heat treatment of fruit and vegetables , Homogenised fruit and vegetable mfr , Jam mfr , Jelly mfr (table) , Jelly powder mfr , Marmalade mfr , Nut food mfr , Nut pastes mfr , Nut preserving (other than in sugar) , Nut shelling grinding and preparing , Olive preserving in salt or brine , Packaged mixed salads mfr , Peeled or cut fresh vegetables , Perishable prepared fruit and vegetables mfr , Perishable prepared salads; mixed salads mfr , Perishable prepared tofu bean curd mfr , Perishable prepared vegetables, packaged peeled or cut mfr , Piccalilli production , Pickle (including beetroot and onion) mfr , Pickling of fruit mfr , Quick freezing of fruit , Quick freezing of fruit and vegetables , Quick freezing of vegetables , Roasting of nuts , Salads packaged mfr , Strained fruit mfr , Strained vegetable mfr , Table jelly mfr , Tofu mfr , Vegetable dehydrating for human consumption mfr , Vegetable preserving , Chutney (pickle) mfr , Fruit or vegetable food products mfr , Mincemeat mfr , Peanut butter mfr , Pickling of vegetables mfr , Vegetable pickling ,