Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 0321
Label: Marine aquaculture
Synonyms: Aquaculture activities in brackish waters , Aquaculture activities in salt water filled tanks and reservoirs , Crustaceans cultured (sea water) , Edible seaweed growing , Fingerling marine production , Fish breeding, marine , Fish farming, marine , Fish fry production, marine , Fish hatcheries and farm service activities, marine , Fish hatcheries, marine , Laver gathering (cultivated) , Laver growing , Lobsterling production, marine , Molluscs and other aquatic animals cultured in sea water , Mussel production, marine , Ornamental fish farming, marine , Oyster fishery, marine , Oyster spat production, marine , Salmon and trout fishery (hatchery), marine , Shrimp fishery, marine , Shrimp post-larvae production, marine , Bivalves cultured (sea water) , Marine aquaculture , Worm farm, marine ,