Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 0220
Label: Logging
Synonyms: Charcoal in the forest production , Fence poles (unprocessed) production , Forest harvesting residues for energy gathering and production , Fuel wood production , Logging , Pale fence production , Pilings (of wood) production , Pit-props (unprocessed) production , Pole fence production , Pole wood mfr (unprocessed) , Post wood mfr (unprocessed) , Round wood production (untreated) , Round wood production for forest-based manufacturing industries , Saw log production , Split pole production , Split wood production , Timber felling , Tree felling (own account) , Wood for energy, gathering and production , Wood in the rough production (untreated) , Wood logging etc. Within forestry site , Pickets (of wood) production , Stake wood (unprocessed) ,