This NACE Code search facility hosted by the CSO will be withdrawn on September 6th 2019.

Please use the NACE Code Index and Search provided by the European Commission which is the most up-to-date reference.

A new version of the European industrial activity classification (NACE Rev.2) has been approved by the European Commission. The NACE Rev.2 classification incorporates significant changes from NACE Rev 1.1. The changes are occurring at every level of the classification and will introduce new sectors for 'Water Supply, Sewage, Waste Management and Remediation', 'Information and Communication', 'Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities', 'Administrative and Support Service Activities' and 'Arts, Entertainment and Recreation'.
For more information on Nace Rev.2 - Nace Rev.2

By searching the NACE Coder below using a keyword/business description it will bring back a list of possible NACE Codes using the NACE Rev.2 Classification system.You may refine your search as required.

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