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Agriculture - Human Consumption of Meat Products

Human Consumption of Meat Products (Kg per capita) by Type of Meat and Year

Type of Meat20012002200320042005200620072008200920102011
Total Meat93.193.797.297.497.994.888.581.081.479.377.5
Beef and veal18.919.621.221.321.220.820.419.619.719.820.9
Pig meat39.139.940.539.836.138.235.527.531.129.628.2
Sheep meat4.
Poultry meat28.227.028.428.532.130.127.528.525.425.925.7
Other meat2.


The data for meat products for domestic use includes meat held in retail shops, institutions, restaurants and households as well as all losses in these sectors.

The figures given for human consumption of meat products are derived by dividing the total meat products for domestic use figure by the population on 1 April of each year. No account is taken of overseas and cross-border tourism and travel.

All weights are in carcass equivalent.

Data for the most recent year are provisional. Earlier years may be revised.

Other meat category covers meat from horses, game and other animals as well as meat preparations of cattle, sheep and pigs, where the meat in such preparations cannot be distinguished from edible offal.

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